Flying high, seeing all. It’s so clear, perspective is broad. Time stands still and files. Time to think.

Disconnected. Limited means, limited distractions. Just you and what you chose to put in your one bag that must fit inside the bo. What do you bring? A book to read. A phone to play on, but not to communicate with.A magazine from the seat pocket is an honorary part of your collection. A notebook, a pen. With these, and with the window beside you, you must occupy your time midair.

A landscape of thoughts passes by as you stare out that window. Cities, towns, forests, seas, mountains, plains, horizon. Clouds may obsuce, but they are the most beautiful, fascinating clouds you can ever see. Through them, the paths we have traced out on the landscape. Showing where we have lived and where we have travelled over the years.

You may have a planned destination, you may be headed to a new place or a familiar one, but you can never be quite sure what will be there when you land, when you disembark. Your journey will always take you through new paths, or by unfamiliar landmarks.

When you are flying, you are focused on that journey. You are engaged with where you are, with the sights, with the passage of time, with the excitement, fear, and hope for the destination. You take joy in your surroundings – the familiar routine of the plane framing the ever-changing view through that window.

The known and the new, gliding by in timeless elegance. As you sit, with your book, magazine, phone, notebook, and watch out the window of the plane.

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