A love letter

Dear Earl Grey,

I love you. You make me happy, you comfort me when I’m sad. You’re always there when I need you. Through the long years of studying, the reading, the writing, the procrastinating, you were always with me. Through cold winter mornings you kept me warm. If I could, I would marry you! I know there’s a Lady Grey already, but she’s trademarked by someone else. I’m clearly a Ravenclaw, I can be a new Grey Lady.

Yes, I admit that I do enjoy other teas as well. I experiment with exotic fruity blends. I have a fondness for your French brother. I even occasionally flirt with your distant cousin, Coffee. But I always come back to you. You are my true caffeinated love. Nothing, neither drought nor flood nor lack of cake can keep us apart.

Yours by tannins and warmth,


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